BUDGET 2022: ‘A significant leap for the development of sport’- GCB


Press Release by the Guyana Cricket Board

The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) is high in praise of the historic 2.2 billion dollars budgeted for sports in Guyana for 2022. This is indeed a significant leap for the development of sport in Guyana.

Individuals’ participation in sports is perceived as invaluable to the society since it encourages healthy lifestyles, different career opportunities and the promotion of aspects of one’s country.

Through sports many young people are able to channel their energies in meaningful and purposeful ways, exploring their abilities among their peers and as they progress among the most successful players at the national, regional and international levels.

In cricket, the lucrative T20 leagues, which are now played in many countries across the world, have marshalled a revolution of the game as a desired professional career. In the past, available funding has been a perpetual constraint in the implementation of sport development plans.

The budgeted allocation to sports for 2022 demonstrates His Excellency Dr. Irfaan Ali’s and his government’s comprehensive understanding of the value of sport to society.

This budget allocation would provide sport organisations with the requisite resources necessary to realise the transformation of most sports in Guyana from an amateur status to a professional sport.

Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh presenting the 2022 National Budget

His Excellency President Dr. Ali is obviously keen on having all sport disciplines employ systematic ways to administer sports in Guyana and has indicated that the characteristics of transparency, accountability and integrity should be guiding principles of sport administrations.

Dr. Irfaan Ali’s government has witnessed a number of positive changes in cricket administration. From March 2021 a new executive took the reign of the GCB.

This change has seen cricket being administered in a structured and systematic way with the three county boards now working more harmoniously to realise common goals and objectives.

The GCB also commends Hon. Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Charles Ramson for his energetic and pivotal role to the development and promotion of sports in Guyana.

His intervention has been instrumental in resolving outstanding issues within the administration of cricket.

His continued support for cricket has ushered in new purposeful working relations between government and the GCB.

The budget allocation suggest that the express concept of a National Academy is now inevitable and would become a formal nursing ground for young aspiring sport personalities.

The GCB’s President Bissoondyal Singh posits that this unprecedented budget allocation to sport represents the government’s holistic comprehension of the value and magnitude of sports to the growth and development of Guyana.

This is indeed a good sign as the GCB on a daily basis interact with players from all walks of life. We have seen how players’ involvement in cricket has prepared them for life apart from cricket.

The nature of the team-oriented sport of cricket has allowed for the GCB to promote a unified and competitive approach to the game.

The GCB continues to foster relationships from the Club levels through Associations, Counties, National and Regional levels.

These networks have allowed us to share ideas on development activities which will realise a sustainable cricket development structure.

President Singh advanced that the concept for a National Academy put forward by government will stimulate efforts by all GCB affiliate County Boards and Associations to do their part in feeding the National Academy through the implementation of structured programmes such as School Cricket, Club Cricket, Outreach programmes and the tailored Association and County activities.

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