Social Services Ministry seeking new batch of ‘Young Influencers’


The Ministry of Human Services and Social Security has extended an invitation for applicants interested in becoming the next Young Influence.

25 diverse and dynamic youths between the ages of 15 years and 25 years will be selected from amongst the youths who apply for the Ministry’s Youth Influencer program by applying via the google form that is available on the Ministry’s social media platforms.

The Young Influencers programme is geared towards encouraging and empowering young people to make a meaningful impact in their communities through their skillsets and talents while reflecting the characteristics of a positive role model and ambassador for young people.

These selectees will get the exciting opportunity to work along with the Honorable Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud, who conceptualized this program to tackle social ills and participate in impactful projects for a year.

According to Andrew Hing from Region 4 who was part of the inaugural batch of Young Influencers, “As a Young Influencer I got exposed to training that enlightened me on social issues and ways to deal with them. It was very interesting to learn about conflict resolution, abuse and so much more from institutions that actually handle these situations.

He related, “Public speaking training was one of my favourites as I needed to come out of my shell. We were also provided with resources to escalate situations to should we encounter someone facing these issues. I would encourage anyone that is interested to be part of this incredible journey. You definitely will not regret it.

Being on the Youth Unfiltered show also helped me to open up about topics affecting Young people, unscripted,” the Young influencer stated.

“Being a member of the young influencer program 2021 was great way to gain valuable life experience, as well as skills which will stay with me throughout life. The ability gained to empathize with a group of youths who often have very different needs will be a huge help in the future, whether in the workplace or in the home. Therefore, I encourage youths out there to join and become a young influencer let’s pave the way and give Guyanese youths a better future!” Junisha Johnny of Region 9 shared.

Young applicants can expect a journey filled with opportunities, from speaking on international platforms, learning about the Ministry’s services and social ills, community outreaches and projects, television and talent expression forays, peer engagements and education and participation in a number of programmes.

In order to be considered, candidates will be required to show their skills by

conceptualizing a promotional video piece on one of the Ministry’s existing programmes. The youths will also have to detail some of the work they would have done within their community.

Among some of the traits these Young Influencers must possess include good communication skills, social media savviness and influence , eloquence, strong morals and ethics, and a passion for volunteering and community work.

Application deadline is set for February 18, 2022 and can be completed via link: (Ministry of Human Services and Security press release)

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