Businessman mercilessly beaten by men over land dispute

-two arrested; one at large


A businessman of Clifton Village, Corentyne, Berbice is seeking justice after he was mercilessly beaten by two men following a dispute the construction of a fence on a piece of land.

Police sources have confirmed that two of the men wanted in connection with the beating have since been arrested and are in police custody assisting with investigations.

Doodnauth Takapersaud known as ‘Gabbar’, who operates a chicken business on the Clifton Public road, told the News Room that on Wednesday last, he was supervising the construction of a fence at the back of his yard.

He said that at around 11:00hrs, a known individual showed up at the his property on a motorcycle and inquired who gave him permission to construct on the land.

Takapersaud said he informed the individual that he did not need permission from anyone since he was in possession of the requisite documents to prove that he was legally constructing on his property.

According to Takapersaud, the man requested to see the documents but Takapersaud did not oblige and instead went to the Whim Police Station and returned with a policeman.

The policeman then reportedly asked the individual for his documents to prove that he owned the land but he could not provide same.

Some of Takapersaud’s injuries

As such, the cop told the individual to leave the victim alone.

“I carried back the police to the station and when I returned this guy and his brother remove about 20 posts I had in the ground…”Takapersaud said.

At that point, he pulled out his phone to record what they were they were doing but the men rushed up to him and tried to hit the phone out of his hands.

“Me and he was fighting for the phone and the next one start lash me with a two by four wood at the two foot at the back and the next one jump on my neck and trying to pull me down on the ground and dem continued to fire lash but I tried to get up and run but my knees were weak”, the businessman recalled.

He said a third man who lives nearby was also encouraging the men to beat him.

“Kill him, mek sure yall bruck he foot.”

Takapersaud made a police report and then sought treatment at the Port Mourant Hospital.

He sustained injuries to both feet, arms, shoulders and head. He is calling on the relevant authorities to look into his situation seriously since this is the fourth time he is being assaulted by the same suspects within a span of five years.

Takapersaud is currently recovering at home while police are looking for the third suspect.

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