‘It is never too late to learn,’ says 41-Y-0 top UG graduate 


By Isanella Patoir


For 18 years, Annette Baksh put off pursuing her degree at the University of Guyana because she had a family, including two children, to take care of and a full-time job.

But this year, the 41-year-old is not only graduating with her degree but is doing so with top honours.

She was recently conferred with the Prime Minister’s Medal as the Best Graduating Student with a degree in Public Management.

During an interview with the News Room, Baksh said she had to juggle many roles and responsibilities during her studies.

“But being at the University of Guyana allowed me to rise above those challenges, I challenged myself to do that and I am happy to say that I was successful,” a proud Baksh said.

She was born in Linden and later relocated to the East Coast of Demerara where she wrote the Common Entrance Exams and gained a place at the country’s premier secondary school, Queen’s College.

After she completed high school, Baksh said she enrolled at the University of Guyana and did her diploma in accountancy.

Baksh was recently conferred with the Prime Minister’s Medal

“My initial entry into university was sometime around 97’ to 99’ after that I started working at GRA,” Baksh explained.

Now finally completing her first degree, Baksh said it was her way of uplifting and empowering herself. This achievement also serves as inspiration for her children and others to follow.

“It is never too late to learn, that is the first thing and if you decide on embarking and pursuing any field of study you have to make up your mind to do it because we cannot pursue something without first having the drive and determination to do so.

“I like that I am now able to set this example for my children, because my son, he is at university as well,” Baksh said.

Baksh said she encountered many challenges especially with juggling her studies, her family, and a full-time job at the Court of Appeal.

There were many late nights but Baksh credited her success to her support system – her family.

“I had to go through many late nights, we had assignments and exams to prepare for and sometimes you would not have been able to put in the necessary work so a little bit of faith helps too.”

Baksh has worked her entire life in the public sector. She worked for 13 years at the Guyana Revenue Authority and then moved to the Court of Appeal. She is planning to later pursue her master degree in public administration or public policy and hopes to continue to work in the public sector.

Baksh said she was shocked when she learned she was the recipient of the Prime Minister’s medal. Even now, she said it feels surreal and overwhelming.

“It was never my goal or aspiration to receive the medal, all I wanted to do was to ensure I kept my GPA high and well I wanted to graduate with a distinction so that required you to have a high GPA,” Baksh explained.

She is encouraging anyone who wants to pursue their dreams to maintain their focus and believe in themselves.

“Especially, women out there, I would encourage you to go ahead, forge your path, believe in yourself, and to do the things that are necessary, that would enable you to become independent,” Baksh said.

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