New Courts, extension & rehabilitation of others as judiciary gets $3.5B in 2022


Attorney General Anil Nandlall SC on Friday confirmed the beginning of construction of several new Magistrate Courts this year along with the completion and extension of others.

With the judiciary receiving some $3.5 billion in the 2022 budget, Nandlall told the National Assembly during his budget debate that construction is set to commence on new Magistrate Courts at Cove and John, Mahaicony, Friendship, Anna Regina and Timehri.

But in addition to the start of construction on these court houses, phase two on the Bartica Magistrate’s Court will conclude and will see the facility boasting a parking space, storage area and a waiting area for members of the public.

The ongoing construction on the Madhia, Port Kaituma, Mabaruma and Vigilance Magistrate Courts are also expected to conclude this year, Nandlall said.

The 2022 budget also makes financial provisions for the commencement of the extension of the Court of Appeal and the rewiring of the Supreme Court Registry in Essequibo.

Several bailiff and storage bonds are up for construction and expansion at Diamond, Anna Regina and Leonora with living quarters set for construction at Timehri.

Additionally, Nandlall announced that the judiciary will invest US$1.5 million to access an E-litigation programme to manage cases in the system.

In the year 2022, the Deeds Registry will commence the digitization of all other documents filed at the Registry.

When these projects are completed, members of the public will be able to access their records electronically.

The Deeds and Commercial Registry Authority has offices in Georgetown, New Amsterdam, Berbice and Suddie, Essequibo. Due to their rapid growth, the agency has outgrown the current space it occupies beneath the High Court at Suddie, Essequibo and a portion of government land has been secured in very close proximity to the High Court where a new four-story edifice will be constructed to the tune of over $500 million.


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