Water recedes after koker collapsed in Essequibo


Hours after the sluice door at Andrew, Essequibo Coast, Region Two broke away and flooded sections of the village and farmlands, water has begun receding. This is as a result of prompt actions by the Regional Administration and the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA).

The Region’s Vice Chairman Humace Oodit commended the Region’s engineering team and residents who worked long hours to install temporary stop logs.

Oodit told the News Room that a pump was activated and is currently in operation assisting with draining the water of the land.

Engineers worked for hours to install temporary stop logs.

Approximately 70 acres of rice lands and twenty-five families living within the area were affected. The incident occurred at around 17:00hrs on Thursday.

Oodit explained that the sluice door was built under the previous government and it was not constructed to specifications. It is expected that within a month, the NDIA will construct a new steel door.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet Taskforce on Flooding revealed that the area will be monitored closely along with the relevant stakeholders.

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