Former Team Mohamed’s rider dies in mountain bike accident


Jason Aguilar, who rode for Team Mohamed’s at the Caribbean Motor Racing Championships at South Dakota Circuit in 2017, has medically died. He was involved in a mountain bike accident on Saturday morning in Laguna, California.

He was 25 years old.

A Facebook post by a close family member explained, he “was rushed into surgery to relieve bleeding in his brain. While the surgery was successful in stopping the bleeding, he went without oxygen to his brain for too long before the surgery. As a result of the lack of oxygen, he suffered catastrophic brain damage that is irreversible.”

The family member further explained that Jason is an organ donor, so the hospital is making arrangements for the donation of his organs, and for recipients of those organs.

“Once that is complete, Jason will be taken off life support,” the family member detailed.

Jason Aguilar leads the pack at the South Dakota Circuit in 2017 (Photo: Samuel Maughn)

Meanwhile, Team Mohamed’s camp expressed condolences to the Aguilar family and reminisced that Jason was always a jovial character, and it was a great honour he rode under their banner in Guyana.

In 2017, the talented rider won the MotoAmerica Superstock 600cc Championship in grand style after which he progressed into the highly competitive Supersport category, finishing 10th in his debut season, before improving further (8th) in 2019.

Editor’s Note: Because Jason Aguilar is an organ donor, he has not been officially declared dead by the doctors since his body remains on life support to preserve his organs for donation. As a result, he is only deemed ‘medically dead’ at this time.

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