Nine-member British delegation scoping out investment opportunities in Guyana


A nine-member British delegation of businesses is currently in Guyana scoping out investment opportunities to expand their operations into the Guyanese market.

According to the British High Commission, the Trade Mission delegation is expected to be in Guyana for four days and comprises British companies ranging from education, manufacturing and infrastructure.

During their visit, the delegation will engage in several ministerial and business-to-business meetings with the local private sector in an effort to foster discussions relative to investment opportunities within the various sectors inclusive of infrastructure, food and drink, agriculture, manufacturing, ICT and renewable energy.

British High Commissioner, Jane Miller (second from left); Senior Vice-President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Timothy Tucker (second from right) and other executives at the engagement with business delegation

The companies include Concrete Canvas, DAR, Grove Group, One True Maverick Vodka, Nectar Group, Signature LLP and Woollard and Henry.

The High Commission, in a press release, noted that as a follow-up to the visit by Her Majesty’s Deputy Trade Commissioner (HMDTC) for Latin America and the Caribbean Department for International Trade, Spencer Mahony and Caribbean Regional Director (DIT) Laura Ferguson in November 2021, they are delighted to welcome the delegation in collaboration with the Caribbean Council and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI).

Executive Director of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Richard Rambarran delivered a presentation on doing business in Guyana and Guyana’s Local Content Legislation

On Monday, the delegation engaged with British High Commissioner, Jane Miller; Deputy High Commissioner, Ray Davidson; Managing Director of Caribbean Council, Chris Bennett; President of the GCCI, Timothy Tucker; Senior Vice-President of GCCI, Gerald Gouveia and Country Director of DIT, Sherwyn Naughton, all of whom shared brief remarks.

At the engagement, Executive Director of the GCCI, Richard Rambarran delivered a presentation on doing business in Guyana and Guyana’s Local Content Legislation.

The British High Commission noted that the UK Government is keen to support growth in trade and investment between Guyana and the UK, highlighting that the mission provides an opportunity to share opportunities, contacts, knowledge, experiences and to establish business linkages.

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  1. Dicksonrp says

    Guyana, beware of the Zio controlled UK and US govt and businesses. They are nothing but vampires coming to suck Guyana’s new lifeblood only. Where were they before???? And if you allow them and later you have to give them an order to stop their inevitable wrongdoing, then a color revolution comes to Guyana, a la Venezuela, Iran, Bolivia, Libya, etc.

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