Pawnshop owner, 24, shot dead in Leopold St. while parting fight


Pawnshop owner 24-year-old Carlos Waithe died in the wee hours of Monday after he was shot while attempting to stop a fight between a group of friends at Leopold Street, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown.

The News Room understands that the young man was shot once to his head.

Dead: Carlos Waithe

When the News Room arrived at the scene, Waithe’s blood was splattered on the street and the police had just left the location.

Eyewitnesses recalled that the shooting occurred around 04:30hrs; residents were awakened by “loud screaming.”

“It was nuff of them, a crowd, ‘cause when they ready for war, they do not care,” one resident told the News Room.

The eyewitness said that over 10 gunshots were heard before screams erupted and someone shouted “they shoot he, he dead.”

“When I come out, I see them hurrying to put the guy body in a car to carry he to the hospital. It sad because he friends did hollering he innocent, he innocent,” the eyewitness said.

A silver primo that was parked on the street was also damaged during the shooting.

The silver primo that was damaged during the shooting (Photo: News Room/February 7, 2022)

When the News Room went to Waithe’s Norton Street, Georgetown home, loud wails were heard from family members who were in disbelief.

His mother was too distraught to speak to the media. His cousin, Shauna, however, said that family members received the call at 04:40hrs and rushed to the hospital.

By that time, Waithe’s bloodied body was already in the mortuary, awaiting identification.

“He was already lying on the table, his head bloody, that was it. The bullet went through he neck and come out at the top of his head,” the woman said through tears.

According to her, Waithe left his home to attend a party with his friends; he returned home around at around 03:00hrs and then left again.

Family members were told that his friends were fighting and he tried to separate them when he was shot.

Waite’s cousin, Shauna said that he was all about progress (Photo: News Room/February 7, 2022)

“We do not know who the friends are, nobody come to we and say nothing, nothing, nothing so we barely have any information,” the cousin told the News Room.

The woman described Waithe as someone “all about progress.”

“We love to have fun and he was about his family and his business, he tell me ‘Shauna, this year, I collecting rent, I building apartments and collecting rent so we gon set’.

“Just progress bai, he said that is he wish for heself and now he dead.”

Waithe operated ‘Superior’ pawnshop at his Norton Street residence.

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