Cash transfers for pensioners, persons with disabilities in $970M sum approved

- As $30B cleared for Human Services Ministry


A sum of $970 million was approved for the provision of more safety nets, including cash transfers, to vulnerable people across Guyana during the consideration of the budget estimates on Tuesday.

Under the $970 million sum, which is part of the capital expenditures for the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, a sum of $367 million will go towards cash transfers.

Further, $77 million for old age pension is also catered for. This pension has been increased from $25,000 to $28,000 in the 2022 National Budget.

In 2021, President Dr. Irfaan Ali announced that a sum of $2.6 billion would be provided to support vulnerable people in Guyana.

This allowed a one-off cash transfer of $25,000 to all old-age pensioners, in addition to another one-off grant of $25,000 to all public assistance recipients and persons living with disabilities.

An electricity credit paid to the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) was also provided to households consuming not more than 75 kilowatt-hours per month.

“We’re also looking towards that again,” Minister of Human Services and Social Security Dr. Vindhya Persaud said during the consideration of the estimates, defending the $970 million allocation.

She added, “We’re looking at expansion of programmes and touching so many lives.

“This will be used in that direction and we’re looking at the most vulnerable in our population.”

Meanwhile, under this $970 million allocation, $59 million was allocated to the ministry’s survivor’s advocates programme.

Dr. Persaud told parliamentarians that this programme is geared at aiding efforts to combat domestic violence countrywide.

“The intention is to ensure that we have those survivors advocates in all of the regions,” Dr. Persaud said on Tuesday.

Through this programme, women will have the support that they need from the moment of reporting any instance of domestic violence to the conclusion of their cases.

Sums were also advocated for a media campaign, administrative costs and more efficient delivery of services.

Overall, $27 billion out of the Ministry’s $30 billion budget, was allocated and approved for the provision of social services.

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