Sherod Duncan suspended from National Assembly for defying Speaker’s orders


Sherod Duncan, an opposition Member of Parliament, was suspended from the National Assembly on Wednesday afternoon after he disrupted the consideration of the budget estimates to protest derogatory remarks made by Local Government Minister Nigel Dharamlall.

The Opposition Parliamentarian was seen walking across the floor just as his Opposition colleague was about to ask a question during the consideration of the budgetary allocations for Region Five.

Duncan repeatedly shouted “nasty”, pointing towards Dharamlall. Despite repeatedly being cautioned by the Speaker Mazoor Nadir, Duncan proceeded with his protests.

The Speaker told Duncan to take his seat or withdraw from the Parliament Chambers.

“I will not take my seat.

“I will not withdraw,” Duncan said, and continued to walk around, shouting “nasty, nasty.”

At the request of the Speaker, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance Gail Teixeira then moved a motion that Duncan be suspended for the next four sittings based on his behaviour and disrespect to the Speaker.

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  1. Matthew says

    You cannot put a good Pampy down,
    Not even when he is acting like a clown,
    You can’t put a good Pampy down,
    Or he will march pun de town!

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