Su says VICE news allegations completely false


See below full statement issued by Chinese businessman Su Zhi Rong:

I, Su Zhi Rong, wish to state categorically that I have never solicited any bribe/inducement from any company or individual for either myself or any government official including the Vice President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.

I have read the insinuations by the VICE News network and others and wish to deny any wrong-doing including influence-peddling.

I have been a businessman in Guyana for many years and I have always conducted myself in accordance with local and international laws and standards.

I wish to refute strongly any suggestion that I acted on behalf of any government official, that I presented myself as a representative of anyone, or that I promised any favor or business-related reward.

I have already engaged with my legal representatives on these false reports and fabrications.

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