UG Foundation promises scholarships, proper housing for students


Guyana’s tertiary educational institution on Tuesday launched the University of Guyana Foundation, which is aimed at upgrading and expanding curriculums, improving infrastructure and research output. The foundation, which was eight years in the making, will also focus on creating a first-time substantial long-term endowment fund for the university.

The foundation will also create scholarships and partnerships with international universities while a scholarship fund for disadvantaged students will be established. It will develop sustainable housing for students, safe spaces, walkways and sidewalks; an empowerment institute for women and girls will be developed, as well as a creative arts centre.

The foundation is guided by UG’s ambitious ‘Blueprint 2040’ which seeks to produce at least one UG graduate per Guyanese household, become a centre of excellence for research and strategic partner of Guyana’s development by producing skilled graduates.

Chancellor of the University of Guyana Professor John Edward Greene

“Really, we are developing a UG foundation, a UG global network – USA, Canada, UK and the UN are just the starting collaborating networks – but we are hoping we will expand to Africa, Asia and also to the rest of the Caribbean,” UG’s Chancellor Professor Edward Greene revealed during the launch on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Minister of Education Priya Manickchand supported the efforts to improve Guyana’s premier tertiary institution.

“It is important to note that the UG Foundation has expanded its scope through the establishment of associate groups in jurisdiction across the globe, such strategic positioning will significantly advance the foundation’s ability to attract endowments, assist UG in fostering partnerships with a series of regional and international higher education institutions,” Minister Manickchand said.

Minister of Education Priya Manickchand

The foundation includes a board of trustees chaired by Professor Greene. Among the trustees are two former UG Chancellors – Professor Compton Bourne who is also a former President of CDB and Professor Nigel Harris MD, who is also retired Vice-Chancellor of UWI.

Other trustees include attorney-at-Law Chandra Persaud; overseas-based entrepreneur Gabriel Cunje; Fidel Hinds who is a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute; George Edwards who is an accountant and former Bank CEO; and Colin Ramsay, Professor of Actuarial Science at the University of Nebraska.

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