Black Bush Triple Murder: ‘Guana’ handed three death sentences


Tameshwar Jagmohan, known as “Guana” was on Thursday found guilty of the 2016 Black Bush Polder triple murder and was handed three death sentence for the crimes.

Jagmohan of Mibicuri South, Black Bush Polder was on trial before Justice Sandil Kissoon at the Berbice High Court.

He had denied that that on July 21, 2016, he murdered 33-year-old Naresh Rooplall, 37-year-old Pawan Chandradai, known as Suresh, and his 15-year-old son Jaikarran Chandradai, also known as Kevin.

A 12-member jury, after deliberating for two hours on Thursday, found him guilty on three counts. However, Jagmohan rejected the jury’s verdict and told the court that he is innocent.

Dead: Jaikarran Chandradeo, also called “Kevin Naresh”, Pawan Chandradeo, also called “Surish Jaikarran”,Narish Rooplall, also called “Mice”

According to Jagmohan, he was not the person who pulled the trigger and should have been charged for accessory and not the capital offence of murder.

His attorney, Surihya Sabsook pleaded with the court for leniency claiming that her client was led astray by other actors in the crime.

However, prosecutor Abigail Gibbs told the court that the accused showed no remorse for his actions in his role in a crime which she said was a “gruesome and inhuman murders of three innocent people.”
She also asked the court to send a strong message to deter like-minded persons from committing similar crimes.

In his sentencing remarks, Justice Kissoon said that Jagmohan was acting in a criminal enterprise in a premeditated design with others.

Justice Kissoon said that he found no mitigating factors in favor of Jagmohan. He took into consideration that three lives were lost and so there is the need to send a strong message to deter like-minded potential offenders.

Jairam Chaitram and his father, Carlton Chaitram known as ‘Lie Man’ and Rakesh Karamchand known as ‘Go-To-Front’ from Sheet Anchor, Canje, Berbice, was also charged jointly with Jagmohan in connection to the crime. However, the men had all pleaded guilty, except Jagmohan.

Jairam is expected to be sentenced later this afternoon while his father and Karamchand are expected to be sentenced on February 17, 2022

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