Sex toys for personal use can now be legally imported – GRA


The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), with immediate effect, has granted its approval for the importation of sex toys for personal use only.

A notice from the authority to internal staff- which is dated January 24, 2022- noted that sex toys and other similar items have been listed as prohibited items under Guyana’s Customs Act since the toys are viewed as indecent and obscene.

Complaints have, however, been received from persons who import such items, denying that these items are indecent. Still, the issue has affected stakeholders in the clearance of items for their personal use.

“While these articles continue to be classified as obscene articles, many persons, both male and female, revert to using these for their personal and private pleasure, sometimes even recommended by doctors as therapy,” the GRA memo stated.

Cognisant of this, and based on the demand for the use of sex toys, consideration was given to amend the interpretation of the Act so that sex toys for personal and not commercial purposes are no longer deemed as indecent or obscene articles.

These toys can now be imported under the condition that they are not for commercial purposes and as long as the relevant customs duties and taxes are paid.

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