GMSA lauds amendments to COVID measures


See full statement below: 

Pursuant to the advisory issued today, regarding the amendments to the COVID-19 emergency measures (No 1 of 2022), the GMSA welcomes this provision by the National COVID-19 task force. The Government of

Guyana through this task force has been monitoring and evaluating the impact of the pandemic in Guyana, thus resulting in the lift of the National Curfew at this time. We support this provision since worldwide trends have pointed to vaccination coupled with responsible behaviours is considered to be the most effective way to fight this pandemic rather than lockdowns.

The GMSA also uses this opportunity to encourage all manufacturing and services organizations, and furthermore the entire business community to be cognizant of their actions in the elimination of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We urge the Citizens of Guyana to be responsible in their actions and behaviours going forward and to become vaccinated and to get booster shots where applicable so that we can curb the spread of this disease.

Furthermore, we remind the general public to continue hand washing, using face masks and following all related COVID-19 protocols.

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