Substantial portion of population vaccinated – Health Minister 


A substantial portion of Guyana’s population has been vaccinated against the dreaded COVID-19, Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony revealed on Friday. February 2022 marks one year since Guyana began administering the COVID vaccine and over 800,000 vaccines have been administered thus far. The vaccines are currently available for children aged 12 to 17 and adults in Guyana.

“We are one of the countries in the Caribbean that would have vaccinated a substantial portion of its population.

“As of last year, we would have been able to administer 850, 735 doses of vaccines which works out to be about 2, 330 vaccines per day that we have administered,” Dr Anthony revealed during his daily COVID-19 Update on Friday.

Dr Anthony explained that this is a good record that Guyana has set and expressed his thanks to the many health workers administering the vaccines daily and others who are actively involved in the programme.

The Health Minister also thanked the various countries and organisations that would have donated vaccines to Guyana, namely India, China, the UK, US and COVAX.

Meanwhile, the vaccination campaign in the 12 to 17 continues to record the lowest rate in Guyana. Thus far, 45.3 per cent of children received a first dose vaccine and 32.4 per cent received a second dose.

“This is an age group where we have had the lowest rates of vaccination,” Dr Anthony said.

Regional vaccination rate from highest rate to lowest; 

Region Nine – 100 per cent (first dose)

85.6 per cent (second dose)

Region Eight – 63.2 per cent (first dose)

48.9 per cent (first dose)

Region One – 62.2 per cent (first dose)

37.5 per cent (second dose)

Region six – 48.8 per cent (first dose)

33 per cent (second dose)

Region Three – 46.2 per cent (first dose)

33.8 per cent (second dose)

Below the average;

Region Five – 44.2 per cent (first dose)

35.8 per cent (second dose)

Region Four – 41.7 per cent (first dose)

29.9 per cent (second dose)

Region Two – 41.5 per cent (first dose)

29.9 per cent (second dose)

Region Seven – 36 per cent (first dose)

25.9 per cent (second dose)

Region Ten – 12.3 per cent (first dose)

6.9 per cent (second dose)


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