GCB President urges U-15 Essequibo cricketers to grab opportunity


President of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Bissoondyal Singh on Sunday attended Essequibo Cricket Board’s (ECB) Under-15 trial, which was held at the Imam Bacchus Sports Ground.

There, he interacted with the young cricketers who were vying for a place in the Essequibo Under-15 side.

“Singh indicated that in his view at last the Essequibo County has gotten a Board and a President that is interested in the development of the sport across the entire county,” the ECB said in a release on Monday.

He expressed his satisfaction stating that “in just over a month the ECB is able to mobilise resources with efficiency to make this Under-15 trial possible and as such, the GCB is very proud, hence my presence.”

Singh praised the youngsters for bringing their A game to the trial and charged them to take this opportunity seriously, as they are the future of the sport.

He assured them that even if they do not make the West Indies level, with discipline they can be productive members of society.

“He further encouraged the youths to share the skills learnt with their fellow students since cricket will be re-introduced in to the school system once again,” the ECB added.

Singh also outlined to the youngsters that many career opportunities can be derived from cricket and urged the players to be discipline as the sport is a gentleman’s game. He also stressed the importance of youth and grassroot level cricket to bring out good cricketers to represent their county, their country and even at the West Indies level.

“The ECB, and by extension the GCB, is devoting its time and is working very hard to ensure that quality cricketers are produced and most importantly good young people,” Singh stated.

President Singh also noted that while special emphasis is placed on the development of youth cricket, a lot is planned to ensure involvement at every level of the game.

It was also announced that efforts are being made to get the Anna Regina cricket hostel back to a functioning state so it can be fully utilised for encampment and other activities.

The squad reads: Omarion Smith, Ethan Silas, Ravid Fredricks, Earo Benjimin, Nazaam Mohamed, Bomesh Lall, Virendra Pooran, Krishna Gobardhan, Videsh Roopllall, Rakesh Kellawan, Zandon Rose, Hemant Sukdio, Nicholas Lovell, Elisha Ramdatt and Christopher Williams.

The reserves are: Rondel Singh, Jadesh Shadeo, Ian Kanhai, Mondel Edwards and Khemol Harakram.

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