Father of five seeks help for wife diagnosed with rare form of cancer


A father of five young children is struggling to cope financially and emotionally after his wife was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Matidial Pooran of New Amsterdam, Region Six, who works as a weeder, told the News Room on Wednesday that his wife, 28-year-old Trisha Ramdass, has been hospitalised for the past few weeks.

The couple only delivered their baby girl six months ago and not long after got the devastating news. The situation has put a strain on Pooran’s finances as he tries to make ends meet. He is now seeking the public’s assistance to help care for his wife.

Ramdass was diagnosed with stage 3 of a rare form of vaginal cancer. She has been hospitalized at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital for the past two weeks but has been in and out of hospital since she gave birth in September 2021.

According to her husband, she suffers from heavy bleeding and excruciating pain.

Mitidial Pooran

Pooran disclosed that in late September 2021 he took his wife to the New Amsterdam Hospital to deliver their first daughter together but during the delivery, she had to undergo a C-section.

The baby was born premature and spent two weeks in the hospital before being discharged.

However, Ramdass started to bleed when she returned home and Pooran initially thought it was because she had just given birth.

He became worried when she started to experience pain and excrete huge blood clots.

“But a month pass, two months pass, and she is bleeding worse”, he recalled.

Pooran said they would spend the next four months in and out of the hospital before he decided to do an extensive check-up on his wife. During that check-up, it was revealed that she may have cancer and was given a referral to do some tests at a private hospital in Georgetown.

“Then the doctor said she have cancer…and it’s at stage 3,” the father of five said.

His wife has been hospitalised since. Pooran said he has been unable to work since then, given that he is now solely responsible for taking care of the children and his wife.

He explained that his 72-year-old mother has been assisting with babysitting the children while he makes his visits to the hospital.

“Financially it has been a struggle because with how things going right now, everything is expensive and I must find callaloo, cabbage etc to cook for her and I got to cook different things for the children, it really hard man. I can’t work right now because If I do who will look after my wife and children,” the tearful man said.

Anyone willing to assist the family can contact +592 625 6362.

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