‘Oil or nothing must change us’ – Dr. Ali tells world leaders, int’l investors of ‘One Guyana’ vision


President Irfaan Ali on Tuesday outlined in brief terms his ‘One Guyana’ vision as he addressed world leaders and international investors at the opening of the International Energy Conference in Georgetown.

Dr. Ali said it was that vision, built on the humbleness of Guyanese, which makes the country an attractive destination for investment and a major partner in building regional growth.

But more importantly, he believes national unity and political stability – which are tenants of the One Guyana vision – are important to ensuring that Guyanese enjoy prosperity in the years to come from the exploitation of the country’s oil finds.

“The ‘One Guyana’ will emerge through hard work, people-centered politics, visionary thinking, a free-thinking society.”

“A humble country and humble people, that’s who we are and oil or nothing must change us…the character that builds us as a people must remain intact from generation to generation,” Dr. Ali said.

President of Guyana Dr Irfaan Ali delivering the feature address at the opening of the 2022 International Energy Conference at the Marriott Hotel in Georgetown (Photo: Keno George/February 15, 2022)

The President said the development of the oil and gas sector will propel Guyana to lightning speed economic transformation and Guyanese will be unified in its purpose.

The President said his vision is to ensure that despite oil, and the attention the country is receiving on the international stage, Guyana’s multicultural character and respect for diversity are celebrated.

“The rule of law, democracy, social harmony, building trust, national prosperity and singularity of vision as people… that’s what we need.”

The President said Guyanese will not enjoy the benefits of the sector unless all understand the importance of a democratic and prosperous Guyana with equal opportunities.

“It will not be constructed on the edifice of propaganda, misconceived perceptions, wishful thinking, arrogance, or political crassness,” he added.

Dr. Ali used his presentation to talk-up building local capacity, defending the country’s local content policy, and training for citizens.

“Human resource is the centerpiece of development… we will offer the best training and access affordability.”

Dr. Ali said the recently passed $552.9B national budget has begun to do this while the government engages strategic partners.

“We are telling you as straight as it can be, the path we are pursuing must bring prosperity to people as quickly as possible.”

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