Fishermen radioed for help before boat capsized, were reportedly trapped underneath vessel


The three fishermen who are feared dead after a boat reportedly capsized near the Mahaica River in the Atlantic Ocean, off the Coast of Guyana, had radioed for help, stating that the boat was quickly becoming inundated with water.

This is according to family members of the men, who spoke to the News Room at their Agricola, Georgetown, premises on Sunday afternoon.

The men feared dead are: Captain Harold Damon, Winston Sam and Ronald Burton. The trio alongside another seaman, Vincent Dazzell, were working aboard a seabob trawler owned by Nobel House Seafoods.

Though authorities nor the company have not provided any official information to the families, Dazzell reportedly told the families what transpired when the boat capsized early Saturday morning.

Tiffany Sue-Bobb, Sam’s sister-in-law, told the News Room that Dazzell went to Agricola late Saturday night and informed them.

She said Dazzell reported that the vessel was filling with water quite quickly and that led to Damon, the Captain, radioing Noble Seafoods for assistance. That connection, was however, disconnected.

Soon after, the boat sank. Dazzell, unlike the other crew members, was able to escape. He said that he was rescued by another fishing vessel.

Dazzell, however, told the family that it appeared as though the other men could not be saved because they were trapped underneath the overturned vessel.

Tonszadel Beckles-Damon, Captain Damon’s wife (Photo: News Room/ February 20, 2022)

This recount caused the three families much distress. When they were all gathered at Agricola on Sunday afternoon, they questioned Dazzell’s story and raised concerns about what really transpired- more so since the company has not been engaging them.

“This is human life out there. These guys probably fighting, praying for some help to come,” Tonszadel Beckles-Damon, Captain Damon’s wife, told the News Room.

“My husband called them and told them that the boat was taking in water and from the time the connection was cut off, you’re supposed to say ‘Nah, something wrong here’ and you get in contact with the marines or somebody,” the distressed woman emphasised.

Damon said that her husband was not just a sailor; he worked hard on every part of the vessel to ensure smooth operations.

And so, she lamented, “This isn’t right.”

The woman and Damon have three children together; they are aged 7, 19 and 23. The captain also has another older child.

Meanwhile, efforts to contact Noble House Seafoods for a comment have proved futile thus far. The News Room has also been informed that police officers in Division 4C are investigating the matter.

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  1. Matthew says

    Terrible thing when there is no life raft or life jackets to keep these men afloat waiting for help.

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