Hotel owner brutally murdered; discovered bound with weapon stuck in skull


Police are investigating the brutal murder of a 62-year-old Brazilian national, who was found bound in his bed with a weapon stuck in the middle of his skull at his Eteringbang Landing, Cuyuni River hotel on Wednesday.

Dead is Edmilson Dosantos called ‘Damicio’, a miner/hotel proprietor.

Police Headquarters reported that the murder occurred between 20:00hrs on February 22 and 11:00hrs on Wednesday.

He was discovered by a hot dog vendor lying face down in his bed; his feet and neck were bound with white scotch tape while his hands were tied to the front with a hammock.

A mattock (similar to a pitchfork) was found stuck into the middle of his skull and his forehead appeared to be bludgeoned, the police report noted. At the time of the discovery, the man was the only occupant in the 12-room hotel.

The vendor told police that he saw Edmilson on Tuesday and asked him to rent a room but the hotel owner told him to return the following morning.

The vendor said he returned at about 11:00hrs the next day and called out to Edmilson but there was no response. And so, he pushed open the room door and discovered him dead in his bed.

Police sources told the News Room that the hotel appeared to be ransacked but detectives are unable to determine at this time whether anything was stolen.

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