Skilled firefighters for oil and gas industry – Benn


Firefighters are trained to respond to fires and other emergencies but Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn says they may also be called upon to respond to emergency situations in Guyana’s oil and gas industry. As such Minister Benn said it is important that firefighters keep pace with the growth of Guyana’s oil and gas industry to respond to any emergency situation that may arise.

This can be achieved with improved skills training and the use of modern equipment and technology. Minister Benn noted that they have procured more equipment for the Guyana Fire Service to aid in firefighting.

“The oil and gas development that is upon us and the fact that for that development offshore, we have to have highly skilled professional fire service person present, not only on the vessels offshore but also in relation to the development onshore,” Minister Benn said at an outreach programme hosted by the Fire Advisory Board on Friday at the Police Officer’s Training College.

There are several shore bases that have been established along the East Bank of Demerara and is pertinent that the Fire Service be ready, equipped, and courageous since much of what is stored at these facilities are chemicals.

With the construction and development of several high-rise buildings in Georgetown, Minister Benn also urged the business community to ensure there are fire prevention systems in place so that they, the business community do not suffer losses as a result of fires.

“Beyond taking care of the physical assets to prevent fire, also pay attention to the question of signing on to fire insurance and for having the necessary inspections done,” Minister Benn said.

Meanwhile, Fire Chief acting Gregory Wickham implored the Fire Advisory Board to continue to lend support to the Fire Service. This support he explained can see the reduction of economic losses due to fire.

“For us, one fire is too much.

“Hence, the robust fire prevention lead that we would have taken to combat or prevent fires.

“So, I want to implore on all of you when it is necessary when you are called upon to lend that support to the Guyana Fire Service,” the Fire Chief said.

The Fire advisory board has a responsibility to inform the ministry on the necessary improvements to be made to prevent fires and other emergencies.

The outreach on Friday aimed to charter a plan, offer advice and make recommendations to members of the public and business community.

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