Major losses for farmers as flooding hits day three in the Pomeroon


Several areas in the Upper and Lower Pomeroon River in Region Two were Saturday morning reeling from the effects of flooding due mainly to continuous rainfall experienced in the region over the past three days.

Several areas in the Upper and Lower Pomeroon River are flooded (Photo: News Room/February 26, 2022)

Residents, especially in Jacklow, have complained about farmlands and other vegetation being inundated, signalling major losses to be recorded in the days ahead.

This experience is compounded by the effects of flooding a few months ago from which residents are still recovering.

“We are in water over three days now and the water is not receding, Nigel Hoppie, a farmer from Grant Pomeroon said.

Region Two Chairman Vilma De Silva said that pumps at Charity, Lima, Three Friends, Anna Regina, La Union, Hampton Court, Devonshire and Andrews are all in operation.

The only sluice that is not operable is at Capoey. Rangers and overseers along with Regional Officials continue to monitor the situation.

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