Wakenaam fire suspected to be electrical – Police Force


The Guyana Police Force on Sunday revealed that a fire which completely destroyed the dwelling house and shop of Anil Rambarran, a 54-year-old businessman Belle Plaine Wakenaam Islands, Essequibo River, is suspected to be electrical in nature.

The fire ireportedly occurred between 02:30hrs and 04:45hrs.

According to the police report, the fire scene was visited by Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn; Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure Deodat Indar; Region #3 Chairman Inshan Ayube; DeChairman Region #3 Omesh Satyanand; Fire Chief (ag) Gregory Wickham; Deputy Police Commissioner ‘Operation’ Clifton Hicken; Police Commander Region # 3, Errol Watts; Regional Detective Officer and several other ranks.

Enquiries disclosed that the affected building is a four-bedroom, two-storey concrete and wooden structure which houses A&C Business Enterprise on the lower flat.

According to the victim, he was asleep in his home, on the upper flat of the building with his wife Chandrowtie Rambarran, 52, when he was awoken by the screams of his neighbours.
As a result, the man and his wife got up and discovered that smoke was coming from the shop on the lower flat.

Police said the duo then quickly escaped through their back door and ran out on the road and watched as their entire home was engulfed in flames.

Residents in the area formed a bucket brigade in a gallant but futile effort to extinguish the fire.
Ranks of the Essequibo Fire Station and Leonora Fire Station responded to the scene but the entire building was engulfed.

However, they managed to prevent further damages to the neighbouring home of Nandkishore Jairam, a 54-year-old businessman, whose home was partially burnt at an estimated cost of $1 million.
There were no injuries. The estimated cost of damage for the victims’ house is yet to be determined; the premises was not insured.

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