Female GDF rank assaulted during ‘lime’ at army base


A 23-year-old female rank of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) was physically assaulted by a male colleague during an afternoon “lime” on Sunday at Base Camp Kanuku, Lethem, Region Nine.

The mother of the victim told the News Room on Monday that based on information her daughter related, the off-duty ranks were having a barbeque (BBQ) at the base when the male rank picked up a spade and lashed her in the head.

“They didn’t work, they were liming. Probably they were not supposed to be drinking according to what certain people might say,” the mother told the News Room.

According to the mother, her daughter told her that the ranks were making “tantalising jokes” which led to the male picking up a spade and hitting her with it.

The soldier was nursing injuries at the Lethem Regional Hospital, her mother said. Based on footage seen by the News Room, the victim’s forehead was significantly swollen.

“She might tell you she don’t want problem and they said they are dealing with it internally,” the mother said while expressing concern of a “cover-up” within the GDF.

Officials at the GDF have confirmed that an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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