No alcohol allowed at Lamaha ‘safe space’


The new ‘safe space’ recreational area at the Lahama corridor is set for opening within a week and Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill has made it clear that no alcohol will be allowed there.

“This is an additional space for families to come to enjoy…we are not just focusing on big projects of bridges and roads…people’s wellbeing must be addressed, so we have said this is a family zone and no alcohol or smoking will be permitted,” Minister Edghill emphasised during a site visit on Tuesday.

The project entails a walkway, water fountains, benches, lights, green space, and parking lots on both sides.

“This is where people must be able to come with their kids on their tricycles and not have to worry about loud music and drinking…it is an area for the elderly and disabled must be able to come with their wheelchairs to relax and enjoy,” the Public Works Minister noted.

To ensure that the area is secure, he explained that the benches have been reinforced with heavy-duty bolts to prevent thieves from removing them and guardrails have been placed on both sides of the corridor.

“So when vehicles come to park, on both sides we are putting in crash-bars so that even if a driver accelerates, they would not run off the edge of the trench.”

With those works substantially completed, Edghill said he will be signalling to President Irfaan Ali “very soon” to commission the space.

“So this aspect of the work, within another week, it will be done and opened for the public to use.”

Meanwhile, work is simultaneously ongoing to retrofit the building between Parade Street and Main Street along the Lamaha Corridor.

This is set to be transformed into an Art Gallery and Food Court and a two-month timeline has been given for that phase of the project to be completed. A similar exercise is being undertaken at Durey Lane, Campbellville, Georgetown.

The new recreational area is part and parcel of President Irfaan Ali’s One Guyana vision.

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