Russian, Belarusian athletes to face sanctions from Panam Sports


The Pan American Sports Organisation has joined the number of international sport bodies who have condemned the Russian invasion into Ukraine and has imposed restrictions on Russian and Belarusian athletes.

See below statement by Panam Sports:

“The Pan American Sports Organization, Panam Sports, as the leader of the Olympic Movement of the Americas, condemns the war that is taking place in Ukraine, joining and supporting the decision of the International Olympic Committee to prohibit the participation of athletes from Russia and Belarus in international sporting events and recommends our athletes and officials not to take part in sporting events organized by these two countries.

The invasion of Ukraine is undoubtedly an attack on the Olympic Truce and represents yet another violation of the Olympic Charter by the Russian government.

As a result, Panam Sports has decided not to accept the participation of any representative from Russia and Belarus in sports competitions held on our continent and in turn invites all of the organization’s Olympic Committee members and the Pan American Sports Confederations to support this decision by the IOC to condemn the war started by Russia.

In doing so we show our solidarity with the Ukrainian people in their struggle for sovereignty and independence.

Panam Sports will always be against any war or conflict in the world, faithfully believing that dialogue and understanding between nations is the best way to achieve peace.”

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