Essequibo gets two new, spacious nursery schools


Young children attending the Queenstown and Abram Zuil nursery schools, which are on the Essequibo Coast in Region Two, now have brand-new buildings to help make learning more comfortable and enjoyable.

For decades, children in Queenstown went to classrooms in a small village office that was cramped for space. That, however, was not an ideal learning space.

Headmistress of the Queenstown Nursery School Telsa John (Photo: News Room/ March 3, 2022)

“As a student, I attended that school in the same building and we thought that it was time for us to get a new building,” Headmistress of the Queenstown Nursery School Telsa John told the News Room on Thursday.

She added, “The building we were housed in, it was very crowded and due to COVID, we had to have them come a day or two days a week.”

After some delay, the construction of a new, modern building was approved. On Thursday, that new school was commissioned. This school has 61 children – all from Queenstown – and six teachers.

There was a similar situation at the Abram Zuil School. The headmistress Jacqueline Cole said that the school was previously housed in the compound of the Abram Zuil Secondary.

On Thursday, too, another modern, spacious nursery school was commissioned to provide a more comfortable learning space for the children there.

Minister of Education Priya Manickchand, who has been visiting several learning institutions along the Essequibo Coast on Thursday, said that the commissioning of these two schools are part of efforts to boost education delivery across the country.

Education Minister Priya Manickchand and learners commission the new Queenstown Nursery School (Photo: Ministry of Education/ March 3, 2022)

She also announced that the ministry is engaging in several other initiatives to advance education efforts by making it easier for families to support in-school children.

She mentioned that the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant and uniform voucher, which is now valued $30,000, is yet another initiative. These cash grants should be distributed from June.

The Education Minister is also distributing all of the textbooks needed by primary school children across the region. In a matter of weeks, all primary school children across the country should get all the textbooks they need.

The new Abram Zuil nursery school (Photo: News Room/ March 3, 2022)
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