Several Amerindian leaders don’t support statement criticizing oversight of extractive sector


Several Amerindian leaders say they were not consulted nor give their consent to a statement on the extractive sector which was endorsed by the National Toshaos Council (NTC).

The leaders are:

Desmond James- Red Hill, Region 1

Lloyd Perreira- Wakapoa, Region 2

Ralph Hendricks – Capoey, Region 2

Yvonne Pearson – Mainstay, Region 2

Oren Williams – Batavia, Region 7

Shane Cornelius – Karrau, Region 7

Melena Pollard – Rivers View, Region 10

Lenny Moses – Massara, Region 9

Zalita Moses – Annai, Region 9

Timothy Andrews – St. Cuthbert’s Mission, Region 4

Nowell Domingo -Wowetta, Region 9

In a statement, they said the National Toshaos’ Council is much more than its Executive Committee, “it is the collective body of ALL Toshaos in Guyana.”

The leaders noted that some of the organisations which signed the statement are single individuals, with no executive.

“The NTC executive in its current form is not reflective of the collective position of the elected leaders and it would be treading dangerous and contradictory waters to endorse such an inflammatory statement in an attempt to reflect a position of the NTC.

“Further it must be made abundantly clear, that any attempt to endorse that incendiary statement was done without consultation.”

They strongly condemned any attempt by any individual or group “who seeks to make any public statement on our behalf without due consultation or without the requisite locus standi to do so. “

Further, they said that as elected Toshaos with the confidence of our people, we are aptly capable of speaking out on issues and we have the legal standing to do so.

“As such, we the Amerindian leaders wish to make it clear we have not endorsed the statement and disassociate ourselves with any attempt to utilize our good name and reputation in a wholly misrepresented manner.”

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