Carpenter drowns during outing with relatives


A 31-year-old carpenter of New Road, Essequibo Coast, drowned during a family visit to the Pomeroon River on Sunday.

Dead is Muneshwar Persaud also called Ravin. Regional Commander Woman Superintendent Denise Griffith told the News Room that Persaud, his father-in-law and brother-in-law were on a 10-feet wooden boat when it sank. Commander Griffith said the men were all intoxicated.

The incident occurred at Jacklow, Pomeroon River, sometime between 16:30hrs and 17:00hrs. The News Room understands that Persaud went to visit his in-laws at Jacklow and it was while they were returning to the Coast that the boat began taking in water.

The father-in-law and the brother-in-law were rescued by another boat while Persaud went under and did not surface.

“The father-in-law and brother-in-law were kept for questioning and we will take some statements today,” Commander Griffith told the News Room while explaining that the two men were too intoxicated to be questioned on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Persaud’s father, Harry Persaud, told the News Room that his son told him that he did not see his in-laws in a long time and so he decided to visit on Sunday.

“Me had three sons, the eldest one passed away in 2019 and now this one, this is the last one,” the grieving man said.

The father said he believes that his son did not know how to swim and according to him the in-laws tried to save him.

“He went down and the two hold on pon the boat and tried to rescue he but he slip out from them hand and he gone right down,” the elder Persaud explained.

The body was recovered about an hour later and police said no marks of violence were observed on the body.

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