Guyana to end COVID-19 restrictions & fully re-open next week


President Dr Irfaan Ali will next week announce the full re-opening of the country after two years of various restrictions to curtail the spread of COVID-19.

“Moving to the full opening of countries to allow for predictability, planning and economic expansion is now the critical path in recovery.

“It is in this context that in the coming week Guyana would approach and embrace the full re-opening of our country,” the President told the News Room on Sunday.

The President will sign the order soon and officially announce the exact date.  It will allow for public and private businesses to operate as they did before the pandemic hit Guyana in March 2020.

“All public spaces, religious institutions, and facilities in our country can now proceed to normalize operation while keeping in place all the necessary public health amenities and support systems to operate in a safe environment,” he said.

So, for example, he said in normalizing operations, sanitation booths, sanitizing the environment, and encouraging wearing of masks, would still be encouraged.

According to the President, the socio-economic impact of COVID has no doubt impacted Guyana and many other countries in immeasurable ways

But he said that in keeping with Guyana’s progressive approach in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, “we are at a point now in the management of the pandemic where public education, awareness, public health education, and vaccination are our most effective tools.

He pointed out that the wearing of masks, though not mandatory, must be encouraged especially in public areas.

“Wearing of masks not only reduces the possibility of transmission of COVID-19 but also reduces the potency if infected.

“I would therefore highly recommend that we utilise our masks as far as possible and for those not vaccinated to get vaccinated,” he stated.

The COVID-19 Task Force will now focus its attention on public health education and vaccination through the building of private/public partnerships and with civil society

“We must now altogether focus on educating each other as we move towards the new framework of living with COVID,” the President stated.

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