Police shoot Ann’s Grove man, omit details in official release

family claims efforts afoot to cover up ‘police excess’


On Monday last, the Police Force released a statement claiming that they arrested a 37-year-old machine operator and resident of Ann’s Grove, East Coast Demerara who had in his possession one .32 pistol with the serial number filed off along with three live rounds of ammunition.

In the short statement, the police claimed that the man, who the News Room has since identified as Colin Campbell, was placed in custody at the Cove and John Police Station and the firearm was lodged.

There was no mention in the report that the man was shot in his right leg and was instead taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was admitted for a day under police guard.

On Saturday, family members of the injured man came forward and challenged the police’s version of events released to the press.

A niece of the man, who spoke under anonymity, said her uncle was shot by the police while he was lying face down on the ground at a shop nearby his Ann’s Grove house.

She said at the time of the shooting, the police ranks had already taken possession of the gun and were attempting to subdue the man who earlier attempted to flee from cops.

The woman said she is inclined to believe the reports of several eyewitnesses who all said that the man was shot by a rank while he laid the ground.

She said he was kicked around before being dragged “like an injured dog” and placed in the back of a police van and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

This image was snipped from a video showing an injured Campbell being led away from the scene by police ranks and placed into the back of a police pick up.

“I hear they put him on the floor to get to know where he got [the gun from] and he got up and run and during the scuffle to get him back on the floor, one of them shoot he in he foot but they had already taken the gun from him… why they didn’t mention the shooting?” the woman questioned.

Campbell was admitted and kept at the hospital overnight before being released on Tuesday where he was taken to the Cove and John Police Station.

The woman said Campbell was brought out of the hospital on a stretcher because he couldn’t walk and ranks wanted to place him in a car.

She instead paid for an ambulance to transport him.

“The hospital get the report and they are trying to hide that. He was not placed in police custody at Ann’s Grove… everything happened at the shop in Dutch Four and after the police just put he in the van.”

“The kick he up and box he up… you can go and ask all them people that was there,” the woman related.

By Wednesday, family members said their lawyer had to place a call to find out why Campbell was being kept in lock-ups although he remained injured.

It was on Wednesday that the ranks also reportedly rushed to have Campbell appear at the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court where he was charged and remanded.

The niece said he was returned to the Cove and John lock-ups because the Lusignan Prison refused to accept him without a medical report.

By Thursday, he was taken to the Lusignan Prison where he remains on remand.

Family members maintain that Campbell was severely beaten by ranks who wanted to find out where he got the gun from.

They are also suspicious of the police’s motive since the shooting was omitted from the official police release and other details skewed.

A video later surfaced of an injured Campbell being led away by police ranks and into the back of the pick-up at the scene.


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