Linden teen suffers fractured skull after attacked by classmate, gang


Jaheim Straker, a 16-year-old Fourth Form Student of the Silvercity Secondary School in Linden, is currently a patient at the Linden Hospital Complex where he is being monitored after suffering a fractured skull; he was viciously attacked by a classmate and a gang of youngsters on Thursday last.

His mother, Fiona Lewis, said the incident was premeditated and with a meeting now set for Monday at the Police station between herself, the perpetrator’s parents and a social worker, she hopes that justice will be served.

Straker is also set to be transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital on Monday for further evaluation and treatment.

“He has no internal bleeding,” the woman said she was assured by doctors.

Lewis spoke to the News Room by phone on Sunday and explained that she recently moved to Linden and her son is new to the school.

“He has no friends… but I’m made to understand this other boy belongs to a gang,” Lewis related.

She said her son reportedly had an altercation on Thursday with his classmate and a fight broke out.

A teacher intervened and spoke to both of the students but while Straker was hailed by other students as the one who won the fight, his dissatisfied classmate who was being teased at the time as having lost, left school.

He spent the rest of the day mobilising with others and when the school day ended at 14:00hrs, Straker left school and went to a nearby shop.

It was there he suffered the blow to his head, inflicted by his classmate using a piece of wood all while being reportedly hyped by a “crew.”

“This was premeditated. He had hours to cool himself down… he didn’t choose any other part of his body to hit him.

“His intention was to cause bodily harm or kill my son and so I want justice… I don’t know what will happen in the future because my son has a fractured skull,” Lewis related.

Straker’s mother said she has not heard from the parents of the other child but her son told her that his mother visited him on Saturday at the hospital.

  1. Matic says

    She can’t want justice and is she son start it is good for he next time he gone bully the wrong person and he nah gone end up with fractured skull alone he have to learn to leave people alone when them deh in them corner

  2. Matthew says

    When certain political parties espouse violence as a solution to all problems it tends to filter down into the communtiy.

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