Drag Racing has ‘exploded’ in Guyana; Cox rates ‘quality’ South Dakota strip


Each Drag Race meet organised by the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) keeps creating bigger buzz than the one before, and a lot is linked to the rise of Team Mohamed’s as the leading force in local motorsport.

Now many other local camps are forging partnerships to topple the number one team.

For Team Mohamed’s it started with one GT-R (Goliath was blue then), and ran times around 7.5 seconds. Its former driver, American Josh Ramsey had stated that the twin-turbocharged V6 engine makes it beastly fast.

Now the team has gotten two more GT-Rs and a Pro-Modified car that can go at least six seconds in Guyana, and even faster on better tracks.

But the track in itself has been a remarkable improvement, heavily funded by Team Mohamed’s.  It started with Drag Racing being competed at 1,000 feet instead of the full quarter-mile (1320 ft) up until 2019.

A launchpad was also built and now between turn two and the entrance to the gooseneck at the South Dakota Circuit, is a quality drag strip at the South Dakota Circuit.

Team Mohamed’s has funded significant track preparation for Drag Racing

“I have been coming here about five years now, and it has just completely exploded. [Azruddin] Mohamed had one car and it was kind of making low power compared to what we have these days,” Team Mohamed’s driver Terence Cox told News Room Sport in a recent interview while preparing for the grand meet on Sunday.

Cox, who is also a mechanic at T1 Race Development in the United States of America, the group who are GT-R specialists, was adamant the sport has truly grown in Guyana and it is inching closer to the quality he has home.

“It is just amazing how much it has grown these days; the facilities, the track prep he [Azruddin Mohamed] has put in is amazing. I can walk this track and it is close to what I get back home. It has become a quality racing series here and it is pretty exciting to see it all grow and be part of it.”

At least in the Black GT-R, Cox knows his work will be cut out as several local camps such as S&D Performance, who have at least two beastly fast cars, inclusive of the Toyota Supra, now owned by Harold Hopkinson, will be coming hard.

Paul Daby is understood to have a new toy as well, and there is also Trans-Pacific’s Altezza being tuned by Balram Mechanics, and should be piloted by Rameez Mohamed.

The Suriname contingent will also be in Guyana as well.

The white GT-R, which currently holds the strip record at 7.501s, is set to be unchallenged once again by local competition

“I am pretty excited to see some of the new cars and it will be exciting to see what we can do against them; it is definitely going to be tough against them from what I have seen online, they have definitely put together some cars that could be competitive against the Number One car [Goliath]”, he explained.

Tickets will go on sale from Thursday at the club’s Albert Street and Thomas Lands venue, Mohamed’s Enterprise (29 Lombard Street, Georgetown); Motor Trend Service Center (Area L Foulis Public Road E.C.D); West Coast Customs Wash Bay (Vreed-en-Hoop, W.C.D); Massive Audio (Parika, E.B.E); Homeline Furnishing (592 New Amsterdam, Berbice); Sukhpaul’s Business Enterprise and Auto Sales (Lot 7-8 Strand New Amsterdam, Berbice); and Sukhpaul’s Service Station (Corriverton, Berbice).

Adult tickets cost G$2000 each, while admission for children is G$500.

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