Driver’s license exam goes online


Prospective drivers dreading the lengthy time to get their results for the Driver’s License Theoretical exam, now have a new option – they can take the exam online.

Upon completion of the exam, the results will be provided immediately.

This was revealed by the Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Police Force, Stan Gouveia via a video posted to the Force’s official Facebook Page on Thursday.

“This new way eliminates the waiting time that obtained previously for results after writing the examinations,” Gouveia explained.

The exam will be written at the Zara Cyber Security Centre located at the Police Training College, Eve Leary, Georgetown.

Persons will need to present their ID cards before entering the exam. There will be no paper, pens or electronic devices. If persons are found in possession with these items, they will be disqualified immediately.

Once the exam commences, a timer will begin counting down and cannot be paused. It must be noted that all the questions will be multiple choice.

Persons can also change their answer by clicking the ‘clear my choice’ tab.

If they cannot answer a question, they can go on to the next question but “keep an eye on your clock and if you have time, you can go back to questions you have not answered,” Gouveia said.

It must be noted that persons can only make one attempt to do the exam; a printed copy of the results will be provided once the exam is complete, however, the results cannot be used to conduct the practical examination.

The official results have to be issued by the Traffic Chief.

If persons should fail the exam, a payment of $1000 is required to rewrite the exam one month after the date of failure.

Gouveia said the schedule for online exams will be published shortly.

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