Team Mohamed’s fastest on Drag Race return at South Dakota


It was a disappointment for fans not being able to witness many of the beasts in the Unlimited category go head-to-head, but the overwhelming spectator support was the shot in the arm the sport needed as Drag Racing made a grand return to the South Dakota Circuit.

As many predicted, the ever-consistent Team Mohamed’s brought spectators’ phones out for a personal click at something that would seem fictional had it not been seen live on Sunday.

The extremely humid conditions and some issues with the track prevented Team Mohamed’s from lowering their 7.501 seconds quarter-mile record further, but the white GT-R, piloted by American Terence Cox, did manage to produce 7.515 seconds in a pass with the Nismo, driven by team owner, Azruddin Mohamed.

It proved to be the main thrill of the day as Team Mohamed’s Pro-Modified car, which generally has the capacity to go five seconds, and targeted six seconds on Sunday, did not dip below the seven-second barrier. It recorded a time of 7.695 seconds early in the day.

The new Mustang created a stir throughout the day (Photo: News Room/Shaconeil Burnette/March 27, 2022)

With Trans Pacific’s Altezza having mechanical issues, and S&D Performance camp, which controlled the Secure Innovations and Concepts Inc. Supra and white RX-7 with a 2JZ engine, attention locked to the Daby camp and their newly-acquired Mustang to challenge Team Mohamed’s.

The Mustang did some runs and though it was in the eight-second timing, about a second slower than Team Mohamed’s two main GT-Rs, fans wanted to see the duel.

Team Mohamed’s stood at the line awaiting the Mustang to challenge, but that showdown never materialised (Photo: News Room/Shaconeil Burnette/March 27, 2022)

As the sun set in the distance, a call was made for both camps to reach the line, but that never materalised.

The teasing track prep started and enticed the crowd of a possible big showdown.

Initially, the Mustang came out, but according to the announcer, it was just for a Test run.

It had done mostly solo runs throughout the day.

It produced a quick run late in the day which further enticed the fans over the prospects that loomed, but it returned to the pits and did not surface again.

Team Mohamed’s black GT-R, Goliath, subsequently took to the line for the fancied race, with driver and team owner all awaiting the Mustang.

They waited and waited, but the Mustang did not return to the line, despite numerous calls from the announcer and GMR&SC President Rameez Mohamed for them to take the line.

A reason wasn’t proffered for their absence.

Eventually, the GMR&SC President announced they were disqualified. It was a Debbie-downer end to a staggered day of racing.

Cox still did a solo pass and clocked in the 7.7 seconds time frame and was about to go for the record with the white GT-R, but opted not to on the side of safety given the fading light.

It was the first Drag Meet in over a year and all camps have already turned attention to the International Meet in August, which GMR&SC officials have stated will be even bigger with hopefully participation from more countries within the Caribbean and possibly North America.

Meanwhile, the Surinamese who got an opportunity to run their cars went back with trophies, as Raymond John and his Toyota Chaser maintained a grip on the 11-second title; Sanjay Sewgobin won the 10-second class, while the 16-second title went to Guyanese Reeaz Khan.

Michael Namchand (RX-7) of Suriname emerged champion of the nine-second group, while compatriot Omar Nabibaksh won the 12-second class.

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