38 adolescent mothers graduate from cosmetology programme


Thirty-eight mothers are now equipped with skills in cosmetology to gain employment or become entrepreneurs in the field.

This was made possible through the re-integration of Adolescent Mothers into the Education System programme executed by the Ministry of Education.

Young mothers at the graduation ceremony (Photo: Ministry of Education/March 28, 2022)

The programme was coordinated by the Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) Unit of the Ministry and the Carnegie School of Home Economics in Georgetown, and Kevin’s Reflections in Region Ten.

The programme benefited young mothers from Regions Three, Four and Ten.

Following a symposium on resilience last Wednesday, the young mothers were given start-up kits and care packages at the graduation ceremony.

The young women were congratulated on successfully completing the programme and were encouraged to position themselves to take advantage of future opportunities.

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