Authorities rushing to fix collapsed steps at V/Hoop stelling


The Ministry of Public Works is in discussions with a contractor to execute urgent repairs to the steps at the Vreed-en-hoop stelling on the West Coast of Demerara.

Minister within the ministry, Deodat Indar told the News Room that the steps collapsed on Wednesday morning and resulted in an overcrowding at the stelling.

“The step there is wooden… it collapsed… because people keep traversing. So we are in the process of repairing it,” Indar said.

The collapsed steps resulted in lengthy delays and overcrowding at the Vreed-en-hoop stelling (Photo: Latchman Singh/March 30, 2022)

Scores of people took to social media to complain about the delays and deplorable condition of the facility.

Indar said the other step at the stelling will be utilized in the interim as the contractor executes the work.

“We already did a stop gap but we’re not going to use that because it cracked three different places so we have to redo the steps.

“We already engaged a contractor, we will work night and day until we get it done,” the Public Works Minister promised.

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