Labour Ministry still probing ‘cement mixer’ mishap at Forrester Lumber Complex


The investigation by the Ministry of Labour into the horrifying cement mixer incident at Forrester Lumber and Building Complex earlier this month is expected to be completed within one week, Occupational Safety and Health Consultant at the Ministry of Labour Gweneth King told the News Room on Wednesday.

“We are not finished with the investigation, up to last week the investigating officer met with the committee and so on,” King said during a telephone conversation.

An 18-year-old labourer, Ricardo Nandlall of South De Kinderen, West Coast Demerara was severely injured during the incident on March 04.

Police had reported that a 22-year-old co-worker had turned on the mixer while Nandlall was cleaning inside. The co-worker was reportedly unaware that the teenager was inside the machine.

While the company continues to operate, King said that no culpability on whether the company had safety measures in place has been determined as yet.

The cement mixer (Guyana Police Force photo)

However, the owner of the company, Andrew Forrester told the News Room that they were not negligent. According to him, the teen was ‘relaxing’ inside the machine at the time of the incident.

“The young man went into the mixer and at the moment he wasn’t doing anything, he had finished working so he was in there like relaxing inside, so the guy didn’t know that somebody was inside the mixer,” Forrester explained.

After the machine was turned on, the young labourer started screaming and was discovered with injuries to his abdomen from which his intestines protruded.

He was hospitalised in a critical condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital but the News Room understands that the teenager was discharged one week ago.

Forrester claims that relatives of the teenager have prevented him from visiting.

“We were checking in the hospital and liaising with him to make sure everything alright and ensure we take care of him, and the family stop we from doing anything for him,” Forrester said.



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