A fourth shot? Gov’t eyes more booster doses as COVID cases decline


The number of new COVID-19 infections and deaths has been consistently low since early February but health authorities are examining the introduction of additional COVID-19 booster doses.

Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony, during his daily COVID-19 update on Thursday, relayed news that United States (US) regulators have authorised more booster doses.

Booster doses are administered after individuals complete their double-dose vaccine regimen. The double dose regimen and booster doses are needed to boost protection against the deadly coronavirus.

This fourth shot will be a second booster dose.

“We would certainly take a look at that because the scientific data shows that persons who take the fourth dose are protected,” Dr. Anthony said.

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony.

For individuals aged 50 years and older, as well as those with compromised immune systems, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorised a fourth shot. Immunocompromised individuals are those with underlying conditions.

Moreover, the FDA also authorised a second booster dose (which is also a fourth shot overall) for teenagers.

Guyanese authorities have not yet sanctioned booster doses for individuals aged 12 to 17; only two Pfizer doses are being administered.

Dr. Anthony, however, said that the government was examining whether the third shot can be given to teenagers. Currently, 438,224 adults have taken at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose; 336,871 have taken at least two vaccine doses, and 58,340 have taken three vaccine doses.

Some 34,309 teenagers have received one Pfizer vaccine dose while 25,008 have received both vaccine doses.

Importantly, though, COVID-19 cases and deaths have steadily declined this year, up to March 30, only 328 cases and six deaths were recorded.

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