GMR&SC issues apology for incomplete Drag Meet

- free entry on April 10 for meet’s completion


The Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club issued a statement on Friday, apologizing for the incomplete meet they hosted on March 27 at the South Dakota Circuit. The club will allow free entry for the meet’s completion on April 10.

See the statement below:

“The Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) wishes to apologize to its fans, spectators and racers for its failure to complete its March 27 Quarter-mile return drag race meet.

Following the events of the Quarter-Mile Return meet, we feel the need to clear the air on several issues regarding the event and the way forward for those competitors who were not able to run their time brackets, namely the fifteen (15) second, the fourteen (14) second and thirteen (13) second-time brackets.

The premature end to the day was a result of the fading light combined with the fact that spectators had crowded both the start and finish line, making it impossible for any more races to be runoff.

At that time, Team Mohamed’s GTR, Godzilla, was attempting a ‘bye’ (single) run for the strip record, a run that had to be abandoned due to the circumstances stated above.

We wish to state that while we are grateful for the fan support which was considered to be one of the largest in recent history for drag racing, we also wish to remind those spectators that their safety and the safety of our competitors, marshals, and officials are of paramount importance.

As such, we have convened a special committee to first identify where the shortfalls occurred on March 27 and to recommend changes to prevent its reoccurrence.

Sensor malfunctions and system errors we are cognizant of the fact that there were at least two instances of a prolonged period where we were unable to carry on any events.

These were in full due to a malfunctioning down track sensor which after investigation, resulted from ardent race supporters unintentionally dis-aligning the instruments used for timing and the fact that the senor itself failed shortly after.

On separate occasions, we were forced to shut down the timing system, re-align the sensors and in one case change an entire sensor before re-starting the system and resuming racing. This takes time hence the lag in racing action.

In the future, we are planning to ensure that the area where these instruments are placed remains sterile from fans and other persons who may unintentionally upset the equipment.

Incomplete classes and events

After careful deliberations with all stakeholders, we have decided that those incomplete classes will have one day of planned action.

A majority of the competitors have confirmed this as the most amicable way forward.

After said deliberations, April 10, 2022, is the proposed date only for the completion of these classes.

Free entry for Fans and Spectators

Again, we are cognizant that we have let our fans and racing enthusiasts down by not completing the event in a timely manner, and as such, we owe it to them to make up to them as much as possible.

Fans will be allowed free entry on April 10

As such, we have decided that when we host the completion of the fifteen (15) second, the fourteen (14) second, and thirteen (13) second-time brackets, proposed for April 10, 2022, all fans will enter the venue free of cost.

It is imperative that fans understand that adherence to the marshals and officials are of the utmost importance to ensuring that the day is run off effectively and safely.

Fans are also reminded to follow the flow of traffic.

As a club, we look forward to ensuring that this event goes off without a hitch.”

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