Robb St. boutique hotel on track for May 2023 completion  


By May 2023, the first of its kind boutique hotel will open on Robb and Oronoque Streets, Georgetown under the name Aiden Hotel as construction continues without hindrances.

The brainchild of two brothers, Geraldo and Lorenzo Alphonso of Arimu Investments Inc., the hotel is set to bring a one-of-a-kind hotel experience to Guyana.

With an investment that grew from US$15 million to US$18 million, the hotel is set to go into operation, complete with a sky lounge, courtyard and pool.

An artist’s impression of the hotel

Updating the News Room on the hotel’s progress was Director at Arimu, Lorenzo Alphonso who shared on Thursday that the steel superstructure is expected to be completed at the end of April.

“As you can see the building is up and this is like roughly one-third of the building so we are roughly up to nine floors then we have the 10th floor to go on,” Alphonso stated.8767

A boutique hotel is typically a petite hotel with a modern contemporary vibe and rich local culture which focuses on food, beverage and entertainment.

“It will have a sky bar and lounge, which is also going to feature a Hibachi Grill. We also checked the height of the building and from the top floor, you are going to see the seashore to bring a nice flair,” he added.

The multi-million investment also comes under the Best Western Hotel & Resorts franchise. The hotel will be the 12th Aiden Hotel worldwide and the first for the Caribbean and South America.

Arimu Investments Inc. has acquired two hotel brands under the franchise – the Aiden Hotel and Sure Stay Plus Hotel.  The Sure Stay Plus Hotel will be constructed once the boutique hotel is completed.

Alphonso was keen to note that the construction of the hotel is being done solely by locals.

Arimu Investments Director, Lorenzo Alphonso updating the News Room on the progress of the hotel (Photo: News Room/ March 31, 2022)

“Since the beginning of this hotel, we have been strictly using local contractors from the removal of waste, the pile driving is done by Guyanese, and even a Guyanese contractor was involved in the development of the foundation. The reservoir water systems, totally local contractor and the erection of the steel frame,” he continued.

Once completed, the nine-story 74,000 square feet modern building will have 101 executive rooms, an executive bar and lounge; executive conference rooms, private dining rooms, a state-of-the-art gym, an English Restaurant and Bar, while the invisible styled rails and barriers concept would give a feeling of dining with the stars.

The hotel also promises to offer second to none hospitality services.

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