Discussions underway for resuscitation of Inter Guiana Games


By Avenash Ramzan


Following a promise by President Dr. Irfaan Ali to have the Inter Guiana Games resuscitated, discussions have started with key stakeholders, and the Games could return as early as this year.

Plans for the revival of the Games received a shot in the arm recently after Director of Sport Steve Ninvalle met with his Surinamese counterpart Gordon Tjouw Ngie Touw and his team.

According to Ninvalle, the discussion was fruitful, noting that committees have been set up on both sides to see the plans come to fruition.

Back in August 2021, during the signing of various collaborative agreements with the Surinamese government, headed by the visiting President Chandrikapersad Santokhi, President Ali listed several vital nation-building projects between the two countries and highlighted the key element is the human resource.

“Key to all of this is our people-to-people partnership; as President Santokhi put it, that is putting our people together in a space and environment that they can share and appreciate each other,” President Ali remarked.

“So, we have committed to re-energising the Inter-Guiana Games, bringing back the Inter-Guiana Games; Inter-Guiana cultural platform that was started so we can have Sports, Cultural, Education and Technological exchanges as part of forging greater unity, trust, and understanding of our people.”

Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana are the nations that compete across the disciplines of Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cycling, Swimming and Track and Field. Most recently, Chess and Badminton were added to the list of events.

The Inter Guiana Games, which was first held in 1967, is usually a yearly occurrence. However, it was last held in 2017 in Suriname.

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