Fisherman missing after falling overboard


Relatives are frantically searching for a 38-year-old fisherman who fell into the Corentyne River on Sunday afternoon while fishing in the vicinity of Orealla Village.

The missing man has so far been identified as ‘Sunny’ of Springlands, Upper Corentyne, Berbice.

The News Room understands that he is employed by a 50-year-old fisherman of No. 79 Village, Corentyne.

On Sunday morning, both of them departed the Springlands foreshore on a wooden vessel for Orealla Village.

The employer told police that at around 14:00hrs, he was at the bow of the boat while ‘Sunny’ was steering.

The man said the water was calm but then he heard a splash and upon checking, he saw ‘Sunny’ struggling in the water.

He claimed that within minutes ‘Sunny’ went under.

A report was subsequently made to the police and a party of police ventured to the location in search of ‘Sunny.’

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