Cops recover gun, ammo following robbery of Linden businesswoman


Police in Linden are on the hunt for two bandits who robbed a businesswoman at gunpoint on Monday evening at Central Amelia’s Ward, Linden.

Police Headquarters reported that the 37-year-old businesswoman is the owner of a supermarket and at the time of the robbery, she was behind the counter when the two perpetrators – armed with guns – attacked her at around 18:52hrs.

They demanded that she hand over the cash but the woman raised an alarm and ran away during which the bandits went behind the counter and removed two boxes with cash and documents after which they escaped.

According to the police, a male who heard the commotion went to the businesswoman’s aid and drove behind the suspects who were on foot.

He managed to hit one of the bandits who stumbled but managed to get up and run away, leaving behind the box containing the documents and one .38 revolver containing two suspected live 9MM ammunition and 3 .38 empty casings.

“The area is currently being searched for the two suspects as investigations continue,” the police noted.

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  1. Matthew says

    The good samaritan was too kind……the robber should have resembled a roti with tire tracks on him.

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