GCB/CWI Level One Coaching Course moves to LBI ground


The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) in collaboration with Cricket West Indies (CWI) will be conducting CWI Coaching Education Development Events from 09:00h to 17:00h on Wednesday and Thursday at the LBI Cricket facility, East Coast Demerara.

These development events, according to the GCB, are for individuals participating in the CWI Competition Coaching, Level One Course in Guyana.

This programme includes an online component, which commenced on March 22, 2022, comprising over 40 participants drawn from the three counties.

The practical assessment will be done on Wednesday and Thursday. Prior to the commencement of the online component, potential participants were required to undertake the ICC Foundation Coaching and Child Protection Courses.

Apart from the online and face-to-face components of the course, the potential CWI Level One Coaches are also required to acquire a first aid certificate and police clearance as prerequisites to obtaining the CWI Level One Coaching Course.

The facilitators Keshava Ramphal and Ryerson Bhagoo of Trinidad and Tobago, will be ably assisted by tutors Colin Stuart and Julian Moore.

The participants are as follows:

Wednesday April 6, 2022: Kevin McAdam, Deon Carew, Pernell Christie, Rawle Merell, Shaun Massiah, Jason George, Vishnu Ramjeet, Dwayne Benjamin, Sydartha Anandjit, Ajay Gainda, Vicky Rampersaud, Quincy Richardson, Ranole Bourne, Dameon Ross, Wayne Osborne, Nabeel Ali, Surendar Kissoonlall, Gregory Crandon, Gregory George, Rayon De Costa, Parmeshwar Persaud, Nathan Persaud, Stamond Daniels and Heema Singh.

Thursday April 7, 2022: Christopher Barnwell, Tevin Imlach, Virendra Chintamani, Akaze Thompson, Joel Amsterdam, Mirenda Corneilus, Krishna Singh, Orlando Tanner, Jermaine Maxwell, Ryan Shun, Mahendra Algu, Davindra Ramdihal, Keon Joseph, Terry Newton, Imran Baksh, Lakram Lathman, Sharaz Ramcharran, Anthony Bramble, Ravishwar Latif, Rajendra Chandrika, Divine Ross, Nadine Smith and Romario Samaroo.

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