National footballer beaten with shotgun during Tucville home invasion


A national youth footballer is nursing injuries about his body after being beaten with a shotgun by a well-known character in the Tucville community.

Jermaine Garrett, the younger brother of senior national footballer Jeremy Garrett, received injuries to his knees, toes and wrist after a man identified only as ‘Colin’ barged into his home on Wednesday morning.

Jermaine was awoken after the assailant started to pounce on him.

A family member told News Room that Jermaine’s younger brother, aged 17, and the attacker have an ongoing feud.

The News Room understands that Garrett’s mother was already awake as per normal on Wednesday morning, doing chores about the house when ‘Colin’, aged 27, stormed into the house and went straight to Jermaine’s bed.

The incident occurred at around 05:00h.

After the ordeal, Jermaine and his mother left to make a police report, even as ‘Colin’, who is well known to the family, was still in the house. He has not been seen since.

‘Colin’, it is understood, is well known to law enforcement, having had several brushes with the law.

The family member also related that ‘Colin’ made a threat of murder on the family about two months ago.

The 17-year-old does not live where the incident occurred, and it is unclear what exactly the issue is between him and the attacker.

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