Less hassle: GRA online services eliminates need for in-person tax filings


The introduction of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) e-services – OPTIMAL Revenue Management System – has eliminated the hassle of taxpayers having to physically deliver their returns to the agency.

Since the introduction of the website, which can be accessed at eservices.gra.gov.gy, GRA has seen a significant decrease in physical submissions, Fabian Clowes, Communication Officer at GRA, told reporters on Thursday.

According to Clowes, since April 4, only 50 persons physically submitted their tax returns at GRA’s location at the Giftland Mall, Turkeyen.

“When you compare submissions this time around prior to having e-services in 2019, you had about 200 tax returns submitted [physically] at these locations per day.

“The dwindling number is because a number of persons have signed up for e-services and they’re submitting online. Online submissions you can do from the comfort of your home or office” he added.

Guyana Revenue Authority Communications Officer, Fabian Clowes (left) and Public Relations Manager, Marcia Harris (right) at the Giftland Mall tax site on Thursday (Photo: News Room/April 7, 2022)

However, for persons who are unable to submit their returns electronically, GRA has maintained tax sites and drop-off locations.

Having to visit the GRA Headquarters at Camp Street, Georgetown shouldn’t be a deterrent for taxpayers looking to submit their tax returns, Clowes said, as GRA has ‘easy and convenient’ tax sites.

The two sites are located at the Giftland Mall and the Amazonia Mall, Providence, East Bank Demerara and will be open until April 30 – the deadline for submissions.

The tax site at the Giftland Mall is located next to the escalator when one enters the shopping complex from the front entrance. At the Amazonia Mall, the site is similarly situated next to the main entrance, in front of the E-Networks outlet.

Guyana Revenue Authority Officers at the Giftland Mall tax site (Photo: News Room/April 7, 2022)

When taxpayers arrive at the tax sites, GRA officers there will check their returns to ensure accurate preparation and that the necessary attachments are included before placing it into the drop-off boxes.

The tax sites will be open from 10:00hrs to 16:00hrs on Monday to Thursday and from 10:00hrs to 15:00hrs on Friday. The locations will not be operational on weekends.

In addition to the tax sites, GRA has drop-off boxes located at the agency’s parking lot at Camp and Lamaha Streets, Georgetown; the Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) Robb Street entrance, and three boxes at their headquarters.

Unlike the tax-sites, the drop-off locations will not be manned by GRA officers and, therefore, Clowes urged persons utilizing that service to ensure their submissions are in order and compliant with the requirements.

“Ensure that they are properly filled, ensure that returns are signed. If you are an employee please ensure that your 7B certificate is stamped and signed by your employer,” Clowes said.

Marcia Harris, GRA’s Public Relations Manager reminded that it is a statutory requirement under Section 60 of the Income Tax Act to submit tax returns and failure to do so will attract penalties.



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