No approval given for increase in taxi, minibus fares – Gov’t


See below joint statement between the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Tourism Industry and Commerce:

The Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce have noted that transportation providers for water, land transportation (minibuses and hire cars) and air operators to interior locations have imposed unilateral fare increases to customers.

We wish to advise the operators of various transportation services that these increases are unauthorised and have not been approved. We use this statement to inform the public accordingly.

The PPP/C administration will continue to make the necessary interventions to ease the burdens faced by all Guyanese. Already, Government has implemented more than 20 measures in response to rising cost of living, including the complete removal of excise tax on fuel and the allocation of a $5 billion budget to buttress relief measures.

We urge understanding and restraint and advise the public that this practice of increased fares is not a measure sanctioned by the Administration.

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